It Wasn’t A Sequel To Begin With
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My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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A Trip To The Park

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I turned on the shower and felt the drops of cold water against my skin. I stood there, as if the rain was pouring over me, and began to bring my thoughts back to the moments that I’ve just shared with Pye Choo at the park. We were silent along the way, just some pep talks here and there as I tried to fill the void I suddenly felt. I didn’t feel like talking actually, just wanted to enjoy the walk with her. But somehow, the void between us at that moment seemed to disturb me so much. Because each time I looked into her eyes, I saw a troubled mind. I wanted to know what was on her thought. And that was when the pep talks began.

But as I looked into her eyes as I tried to start a conversation, something about them told me that she was comfortable with the silence. And I turned my eyes to another direction when I saw how tired she was, actually. And my heart silently whispered, ‘She just came for a walk. Don’t push her too much.’ So I silently walked beside her, really convinced that she was just quiet today because of her tiredness. And she has most probably decided to come anyway after a long day at work, just so that she won’t let me down. Or maybe, she thought I would understand her need to just relax herself a little as she enjoys her walk, which was the very same reason I had. I just wanted to enjoy my walk, have her by my side, and let my thoughts flow freely.

I remember observing her today as she walked. The way she looked, the way she moved, the way she walked, and the way she responded to my brother’s pep talks. Suddenly, I realized how weak she looks in the outside compared to the strong woman I know. She seemed so small, so fragile, out of a sudden… like someone I never knew. And I begin to remember those times that I thought I caught a glimpse of her this way, a glimpse so blur and hazy but it was this part of her that I caught alright. And at that very moment, when I could actually catch hold of that part of her totally today, I managed to catch hold of that part of her in my heart, making sure that I’ll keep it there maybe not forever, but at least for the weeks to come.

Finally we reached the hilltop. I sat at my spot and began to let the wind breezed through my hair. It’s nice being able to enjoy Mother’s Nature with the view of the whole city surrounding me. It felt like the flowers were listening to my heart, the trees were waving to me, and the birds were chirping a song to put a smile in my heart. And the sight of innocent kids enjoying themselves with games and laughters brought peace to my heart. And I turned around to see if she was enjoying it as much as I was. Maybe she was, maybe not, because when I looked at her face, I quickly realized how tired she actually really was. But tired as she was, I could sense that she was actually enjoying herself.

I wonder why I brought her along with me today. Was it because I needed to share with someone the thoughts that I have in mind? Or was it simply to share with her the place where I feel free to let my thoughts wonder freely and re-organized themselves in my mind? Or was it me, just wanting her to feel this place the way I do so that she will have something to associate with the next time I share about my moments there? I’m not too sure. But a part of me was glad that I’ve brought her there to let her into this part of my life where others have never been before, though I couldn’t quite comprehend if she even understands how much being in this park means to me.

She began to stand up and walk, and I decided to just let her be. Even when my brother asked me to follow along, I decided to just sit still and listened to the wind. She needed to let her thoughts go free, and so did I. So I sat back and observed the people all around the park. The innocent, happy kids… the stressful looks on the adult faces… parents keeping a look out for their children… teenagers walking together, talking like good friends… Man! The place was just awesome! And I began to wonder if heaven is like that… Nah! Heaven will be much better than that, I’m really sure.

At the corner of my eyes, I caught sight of her stepping up the stairs and I knew right away it was time to go. The sun was going to set soon. Wanted to ask her to stay and enjoy the sunset with me, but deep inside I know that it has got to be some other day, she needed to go home. Silently, I tried to walk beside her with my lips sealed as we headed down the slopes. But something about the way she responded to certain things began to tell me that she wasn’t quiet totally because she was tired, something else was on her mind. And I began to be curious as to what was in her thoughts. So I began my pep talks again.

She responded to my pep talks, but I could see that she would rather be left alone. So half way through, I decided to just seal my lips and enjoy her companionship. “She will share if she wants to,” I silently told myself. After another few minutes, as if she just realized how silent I suddenly was, she asked a question about my family. Her voice was so soft, almost sounded like it was forced to depart from her mouth, but I managed to grasp it alright. I allowed her question to go unanswered for a while before I finally spoke in reply. A short sentence. A short reply. Hoping that somehow, she’ll know that she didn’t have to talk if she didn’t want to. I was alright with it.

Back in the car, on our way to my place so that she could drop me off before she drives home, she seemed so distance away. Her thoughts seemed afar, or really, was it because she was tired? But it really was not like her acting this way when she is tired. Tired as she is, she always still seem to know what is going on around her and what people is talking about. But today, even when my brother asked a few friendly questions, she didn’t seem to be listening. He needed to give her shoulder a pat every time he asked her something, and after some time, he finally gave up asking. He began to talk to himself instead. As if understanding, he actually said that he wasn’t talking to her when I asked him. And I’m so sure she didn’t realize that.

I popped out of the car almost immediately when she reached my house. It was an unusual move because I normally try to buy some time with her as we say our goodbyes. But today, I kept it really short, so short that I couldn’t even remember saying goodbye. I just got off the car. Somehow, at the back of my mind, I sensed that her mind wasn’t here with me today. But I wasn’t upset. Despite how things didn’t turn out the way I thought it would be, my very first visit to the park of memories with her, I’m still glad that she actually made time for it. At least it shows that, somehow, she has me in thoughts despite of her busyness. I would have understood too though if she didn’t have made it today.

I turned off the shower, reached for my towel, stared at my cellphone for a while, and decided to leave her alone tonight. Nope, she won’t hear from me tonight like she usually does. Deep inside of me, I sense that she needs time to be alone tonight to unwind whatever that was in her thoughts. And I decided to let her have that time she needs. I put on some clean clothes, grabbed a drink from the refrigerator, peeked into the plastic cover to see if mom has left any food, and headed to the room to turn on my computer. I want to record today’s moment with her. I want to put them into words. I want to be able to read it again and smile at how much we have to go through for us to reach this level of our friendship. And maybe, one day when I bring her to the park again, I can share with her all that I felt the first time I brought her there today.

Originally written by Gina Yap Lai Yoong © 2007

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