It Wasn’t A Sequel To Begin With
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My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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I Just Wanted To Help…

Submitted by on October 13, 2009 – 22:052 Comments

“Mom! Mom! Can I help you with dinner? Please!” asked little Brandon. He has learnt about being helpful in class. And he wanted to help his mom in the kitchen today.

“Brandon! Don’t stand near the pot! I’m boiling some soup,” his mom screamed! She rushed over to the boy.

“Can I help you with the carrots then?” he asked again. He was excited.

“Now, now, Brandon! You are out of here. Get moving, dear! Go and play outside,” his mom guided him to the door. The she slammed it behind her. Brandon put his right ear on the door. He could hear her whistling happily. Now he cannot join in the fun. I just wanted to help, he thought.

He turned around and walked to the garden. He sat on his favourite swing looking sad. “I thought Mr. Peter said that parents like it when we help them at home. Mom does not seem to like it at all. Maybe she will let me help with the dishes later,” Brandon said to himself. He sat on the swing until he heard his mom calling him.

“Maybe she needs my help now. Yippee!” Brandon brightened up. He quickly ran into the house.

“Go and wash your hands. Everyone is waiting for you. It’s dinner time!” his mom said.

“Oh well! Maybe she will need my help later,” Brandon though. He hurried to wash his hands and joined his family at the dinner table. When dinner was over, Brandon took a chair and put it next to the sink. He climbed onto the chair and reach out for a plate. With a towel in hand, he wanted to help his dad with the dishes.

“Brandon! Don’t touch the plates. You may break them,” his dad scolded. Gently, he felt himself being lifted by his dad. Soon, he was standing on the floor. “Hurry now! Go and watch your favourite show,” his dad added.

Brandon lowered his head and walked out. He was upset. His parents had once again shooed him out of the kitchen. I just wanted to help, he thought.

As he passed by the window, he saw his brother, George, outside. He was taking out the garbage. Maybe he needs my help, Brandon thought. He hurried to his brother.

“Hey George!”

“Hey Brandon!” George said. He continued with his job. Brandon went to the nearest garbage bag. He tried to lift it up.

“Oh no, small boy! You are not touching any of these. Just go and read a book k?” George said. He took the garbage bag from Brandon. I just wanted to help, Brandon thought. With shoulders hung low, he dragged himself into the house. He did not even stop to glance at his favourite cartoon. He dragged himself to his room. He was upset.

The next day, Brandon went to school. He was still upset about yesterday. In class, Mr. Peter sensed that something was wrong. He walked over to Brandon and sat next to him.

“What is wrong, son?” Mr. Peter asked.

“My parents don’t love me anymore. George does not love me anymore. No one loves me anymore,” Brandon cried.

“Now, now, son. Who told you that they do not love you anymore?” Mr. Peter asked again. He gently put his arm around the boy.

“They would not let me help them”

“But that does not mean that they don’t love you,” answered Mr. Peter.

“Then why didn’t they let me help?” Brandon asked.

“I guess they just love you so much. They don’t want you to get hurt. Why don’t you try to help them with little things first?” Mr. Peter explained.

“What kind of little things, sir?”

“You can try arranging the books, or maybe the chairs after dinner,” Mr. Peter said. Brandon nodded. He began to smile.

“Can I help you with the chairs after class today?”

“Sure,” said Mr. Peter. He patted Brandon on the back. Brandon arranged the chairs after class that day. Then, he went home with a smile on his face. At least someone let me help, he thought.

That evening, Brandon arranged the cushions on the sofa. Then he went to the kitchen again.

“Mom,” he said!

“Yes, dear!” she answered, looking at Brandon.

“I know you love me. So can I help you with the carrots today?” he asked. He really wanted to help. A tear flowed down his mom’s cheek.

“Sure dear! Come over here! I’ll teach you how to do it,” his mom said. She cuddled him in her arms for a while. Then, she taught him how to wash the carrots. Brandon smiled.

His dad let him help out with the dishes after dinner that night. And George let him put on the lid of the trash can. Brandon was so glad he could help. He went to bed that night with a smile upon his face.

Originally written by Gina Yap Lai Yoong © 2005 – Children Stories

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