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My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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Restaurant City – Tips On How To Level Up

Submitted by on August 10, 2009 – 20:4912 Comments

“How did you get to that level so fast?”

Everyone I know has caught the flu. Nope, I am not talking about the Swine Flu. This flu I am refering to is greater than the contagious flu, it’s Restaurant City. For those of you who are on Facebook, if you don’t know what is Restaurant City, shame on you (it’s time you go and spend more time on Facebook). And for those of you who are not on Facebook, oh well, perhaps you may want to skip this post.

What is Restaurant City? It’s a sims-like game that allows you to build a virtual restaurant according to how you have dreamt it to be! You get to create your own series of menu with amazing dishes, design the interiors of your restaurant, decide where the furniture goes and the lights and flowers, open an arcade right in the restaurant itself, lots of entertainment and even bathrooms for your customers. If you are inspired to be a restaurant owner, this will really test your patience and determination in being one as you learn more and more of how much hard work you have to put in to make your restaurant a success.

A colleague bought her laptop to work yesterday because she is addicted to Restaurant City. She think I am excelling too fast in the game at Facebook and in order to catch up, leaving the game on at work seems to be a solution. That way she can work on her office computer and feed her employees every two hours. And if all things go well, she may be able to level up in just one day. Some other colleagues told me they are in love with Restaurant City too. Imagine the conversation during lunch – ‘Do you have prawns? I need them for my recipe.’ What? Oh ya, they are talking about Restaurant City. And my cousins keep buzzing me on MSN to send them various ingredients in the game so that they too can cook up a recipe of their choice.

I haven’t been spending much time tending to my restaurant in the game but I am now at level 45. And rumours have reached my parents that I am a game addict. Just because I level up faster than everyone else in our family group. And people I know are starting to ask me how I do it. Then I thought, I should write down a list of all I know about Restaurant City that can help others in their game and send out to them instead of answering individually (too lazy to type the same thing over and over again). So here are some tips (or rather things I have observed in the game) that will help you to gain more points to move on to the next level.

LEAVE YOUR BROWSER OPEN when your restaurant is operating as this would allow you to gain Gourmet Points, which is essential for you to move on to the next level. If you let your restaurant operates and closes the browser to do something else, you will only gain earnings.

Do not wait for your employees to be superb hungry before feeding them. FEED THEM REGULARLY, keeping their energy to at least 50% and above so that they can work more efficiently. Efficient employees result in faster service, which leads to faster turnaround of customers and more earnings. You will even gain more Gourmet Points.

When you will not be around your computer for a longer period of time than 4 hours, YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE YOUR RESTAURANT OPEN (unless you have restaurant city on your mobile and can feed your employees accordingly). After the third hour, your employees will get so hungry, they will refuse to do anything resulting in angry customers and drop of restaurant rating. The rating is important as it would affect the Gourmet Point you receive and also the traffic flow of customers.

Don’t leave it to your cleaner to clean up the restaurant, do it yourself! PICK UP THE TRASH you find at your restaurant and your friends’ too! Each trash you pick will bring you $1 and if you are hardworking enough, you will win an award for picking up 1000 trash in the game. (Do you know that each award you receive gains you more Gourmet Points?)

UPGRADE YOUR MENU ONE AT A TIME. Don’t be greedy. Focus on that one dish you really like and try to upgrade it to lvl10 as fast as possible. The higher level your dish is, the more Gourment Point you gain, and your earning increases too! Now that Restaurant City allows you to serve three dish choices in each category, you should choose the highest level dish to gain more out of it.

Everyone is making it harder for customers to reach the dining tables so that they take time walking instead of complaining. It’s a good way to ensure that customers don’t storm off angrily but it gets better if you put chairs when CREATING THE MAZE instead of dividers. That way, customers can sit and wait for their turns without you having to find more space in the tiny restaurants for a waiting area. Make sure you don’t over do it though. I have seen customer complaining as they walk to the dining table because it simply takes too long.

Build a huge base for THE EXTERNAL OF YOUR RESTAURANT. The bigger it looks on the outside, the more customers will come in. Investment on outdoor décor is good.

VISIT ALL YOUR FRIENDS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN. Besides receiving a free ingredient for each first-time friend, you also have the chance to pick their trash and see how they operate their restaurants. You may be able to pick up a tip or two on how to improve your restaurant and gain more Gourmet Points to move on to the next level. Besides, how a person play a game virtually does tell a lot about her likes and dislikes – good way to know a friend better, don’t you think?

When you want to sell one of your items because you no longer need it, think twice. IT’S NOT WORTH SELLING it out for less than 50% of the price you bought it. I usually give them out to my friends for free. That way, I get to receive an award for being generous while encouraging others to play the game. It’s never fun to play a game on our own.

Try to arrange your tables and chairs in such a way that the waiters do not need to spend so much time walking to-and-fro when they serve. The more space between the stove and dining tables, the more time taken to walk and serve, thus lowering the service and turnaround time, not to mention customers will complain even more. LET YOUR WAITERS WALK LESSER AND SERVE FASTER, and you will gain more customers’ satisfaction, earning and Gourmet Points.

I am not always clicking and rocking at Restaurant City. Just that, every time I am working on my computer, I leave it on. So the browser is nicely minimise while I work on my writings, designs, blog, etc. Every two hours, I feed my employees and then get back to work again. Before I shut down my computer, I close my restaurant and save my game. That’s how I have been playing it to get to where I am now.

Okay, time for me to feed my employees. While I do, let me know if you have any other tips of your own.

Originally written by Gina Yap Lai Yoong © 2009

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