It Wasn’t A Sequel To Begin With
November 29, 2012 – 18:32 | No Comment

My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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Humans Like Apples
February 12, 2010 – 05:42 | No Comment

People often judge a book by its cover or an apple by its skin. If you have to let them take a bite to perceive who you really are inside, go on and offer them a bite.

Choose to Grow
February 6, 2010 – 04:48 | No Comment

Grow as a person when you need to. Don’t hold back because of the crowd in your life. Everyone needs to grow every single day; and growth bring changes. Only true friends will stand by you in the midst of your growing stage to be a better person for tomorrow.

Teman Wanita Sementara
February 2, 2010 – 05:33 | 14 Comments

Kadang-kadang kita terlalu asyik mencari kekasih yang sempurna seperti yang diidamkan selama ini sehingga terkabur mata untuk menyedari bahawa yang tercari-cari sebenarnya sudah berada di sisi. Hargailah insan yang sentiasa menemani di sisi dan sedarilah yang cinta mampu berputik dari satu persahabatan yang telus.

Our Mysterious Goodbye
January 31, 2010 – 15:31 | 3 Comments

Sometimes you don’t know why you have to say goodbye. You just know deep inside that bidding farewell is the right thing to do.

Playground of Hope
January 5, 2010 – 01:39 | No Comment

Like a child, we always seek refuge and hope in the very place that we could be ourselves. When the world turns her back on you and no one seems to understand, there is a place you can always go to where hope grows and confidence takes place.

My Mask
November 29, 2009 – 08:29 | One Comment

When I wrote this poem, I was the greatest pretender of them all. My mask was on all the time, I almost lost myself.

Destined Friendship
November 25, 2009 – 03:13 | 2 Comments

Some friendships are meant to comfort you along the way; others are friendships destined to encourage us to complete our race on earth.

The Chosen Walk
November 17, 2009 – 02:11 | No Comment

Never blame the path for how you feel, rather take control of your strides and enjoy the walk. It’s your chosen walk.