It Wasn’t A Sequel To Begin With
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My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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The Power Of Silence

Submitted by on October 21, 2009 – 06:404 Comments

Silence makes the loudest noise.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an incident which happened today that inspired this statement.

When the train finally arrived at the station after 10 minutes of absence, I squeezed between the door before the sides parted ways and found myself a seat next to two beautiful ladies. Clad in jeans and simple baby tee, the first thing that caught my attention was the way they were sitting. Their knees touching each other as they faced one another on a single row bench chair-like seating in the train. In short, they were taking up three persons space and as a regular passenger, I thought that was selfish.

I put on my headphone and decided to listen to my music instead of looking at the people staring at the two ladies. As the train departed from the station, my attention was diverted back to them. Why? Because they started to talk in sign language. Now, that explained why they had to sit facing each other – It’s the only way they could talk with one another.

It’s irony that both of them seemed to filled the train with their conversations even though all they did was moving their hands around while everyone else was busy talking on the phone or to the people next to them. Their silence communication drowned the physical noise so much so that people around me was looking at them throughout the 30-minutes ride home. I doubted any one of us could understand sign language.

However, that’s not the only attention that they were getting. Half way through, I heard a phone vibrated somewhere and to my surprise, one of the ladies reached into her bag for her iPhone. So hi-tech. Even if she can’t hear or speak, I forgot that she could send SMSes and perhaps 3G conversation with her friends. When she started replying her SMS, almost everyone else was looking at her – probably as surprised as I was because her phone is more hi-tech than mine.

This incident taught me two things: (1) that silence is more powerful that noise and (2) we should live life without questioning fate. I am suddenly reminded to take control of all the challenges that life has to throw to me because despite how hard I try to fight against them, challenges will still come rolling onto my door. So instead of using my energy to go against it, may as well embrace it and make use of it to the fullest. Instead of making hell loads of noise, may as well sit still and absorb reality to do something with it. Even the worst of things can be a blessing, depending on how we turn it around for ourselves.

Originally written by Gina Yap Lai Yoong © 2009

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  • flo says:

    i wanted to learn sign language sometimes back…

  • Sean says:

    I was in a nigthclub once, it was almost unbearably loud. I found myself asking a woman what her name was. She mouthed something back, and I tried louder. There was a look of faint amusement on her face about our inability to communicate, so I jokingly pretended to communicate with her in sign language – even though I don’t know it at all. She looked delighted, and immediately started to sign back at me – but she obviously knew how! I felt so stupid…

    • Cmate says:

      Awww… you gave her hope. She thought she found someone in the nightclub who can speak the same language as her!! LOL! Amazing how they can go clubbing and enjoy the kinda life we enjoy too, right?

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