It Wasn’t A Sequel To Begin With
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My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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The Value of Being 21

Submitted by on November 9, 2009 – 02:556 Comments

Interview No. 1
Interviewer: Very good answer. (looks at the resume and flips to the next page)
Me: Just being honest.
Interviewer: And you are only 21?
Me: Yes.
Interviewer: Such a young age, how do you achieve so much? To be 21 and have experience in the working force, you must have started young.
Me: Yes, mdm. Straight to college after high school, then right into the working force the week I finished my final papers.
Interviewer: Do you consider yourself more matured than your peers?
(person-wise, nope) Yes, I believe so. I have more experience because I started freelancing while I was in college. Thus, I have more hands-on experience and a deeper knowledge.

Interview No.2
Interviewer1: Can you tell us more about yourself?
(cuts in) Excuse me, I think you have written it wrongly here, Gina.
(have a look at the form I’ve just filled in) No, sir. It’s accurate.
Interviewer2: Must be my eyes reading things wrongly then. It says you are 21 years old.
Me: Yes, sir.
Interviewer1: You are 21?
Me: Yes, they always tell me I am too young. But age is no barrier. I started off early, that’s all.
Interviewer2: Wow! She is 21. Long way more to go, gal.
Me: Yes, and it’s good to start young.

Today’s post is dedicated to all who are 21 years old and those who are 21 at heart. It is said that people who are living the 21st year of their life, the golden year, should go out and give life their best shot. Some spend their time having fun in clubs, pubs, backpack expeditions, world exploration, etc. Some are probably still pursuing their studies in colleges/universities locally or overseas. While others are busy dating and meddling in the game of relationships.

I’ve seen photos of my peers mountain climbing, skiing, skating, standing in front of the White House and playing with snow. Me? I’m pretty much confined in Malaysia for the next few years to come. Worst still, I always seem to be the only young one out there looking for a full time job at the age of 21. Is it a sin to start my career at the age of twenty? I didn’t think so. But even now that I am one year older, people still get the ‘shock’ when I go for job interviews.

What are all the twenty-ones doing while I am busy looking for a full time job to continue expanding my career? (notice the word ‘expanding’) If you are twenty one and looking for your first full time job, don’t worry, you won’t get the ‘shock’ look. But if you are twenty one and you have two years of working experience like me, be prepared to answer the big question – “Are you really only 21 years old?!!!!”

Many times I would pull their legs and say, “No, I am eighteen.” just so that everyone in the interview session end up laughing instead of stressing on my age. I would latter explain how I’ve gotten to where I am by the age of 21. Most of them are usually impressed, which is an added advantage for me. My heart always skip a beat when they say, “Being young always has its advantage. But you, you are one smart girl to decide to start early.” because it reminds me of the golden year value which I have given up to be who I am today.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to be 21. Even prouder to be a 21 whom has started a working career. And if I could retire by the age of 30 and be a full-time novelist, I would be darn proud of myself.

The value of being 21? Well, the value is yours to determine. If you are happy travelling around the world at your golden age, that’s the value. If you are enjoying yourself being overseas either through studies or AuPair programmes, that’s the value. As for me, being a fulltime magazine writer at the age of 21 is my value this lifetime. I truly am grateful to be where I am today.

Always remember that the value lies in you. Make your 21st year of life memorable – a year you would always remember until the day you die. Once you pass the mark, don’t look back but run ahead like it’s just another golden year. You may be 30 years old, or 40, or 50 – but as long as you keep the special value of being 21 in your heart, life would be fulfilling in many ways.

Originally written by Gina Yap Lai Yoong © Copyright 2007

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  • flo says:

    Is this the entry where one wishes the writer “Happy Birthday”?

    • Cmate says:

      Yes, if only today is my birthday. Heheee!

      Nah, this was first posted on Mini Bites on my 21st Birthday. It has garnered a lot of hits, so I reckon someone out there must really love 21st birthdays too! It is that time of life when people think about the past, present and future.

  • Gina Yap says:

    wooohooo!I feel young again…

  • Lovelyza says:

    when i was 21, i started to know what love is all about..what a lovely and happy need to think anything accept my boyfren and studies..

    But sometimes i feel a little regret & dissapointed (not really) with myself when I realize my manager is same age with me

    However..thing happen for a reason kan? We have to be grateful of what we have and u have proven urself that age is just a number….

    • Cmate says:

      Some people go after career, others go after money, and many more go after love and happiness. Be happy with your choice and don’t look back. I am sure our managers are jealous of us of some of the things we have too… Like me, I love to beamed in front of them simply because despite our hierarchy, I actually had the same number of years in working experience with them. And that is what makes me proud of what I have decided and who I have become today.

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