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There are various types and forms of writing. In my writing journey, I have explored writing poetry, short stories, novels, articles, interviews, reviews, scripts, advertising campaigns, etc. And it has been a great adventure. It’s amazing that the more I write, the less I know about writing – because there are simply so many things to learn about writing. You’ll realise how my writing matures over time as you read on.

Perception is created in one’s mind. And each mind has a different thinking process. Some think that world war has nothing to do with them; others are so concerned that it would affect their lives. Some take pleasure in watching a cocoon developing into a beautiful butterfly; others wouldn’t even notice the beauty of Mother Nature.
There are new discoveries every day about life, earth and spiritual paths. Here’s what I have to say about certain issues that capture my attention. And it’s all just my own perception.

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    A story is more than just words and sentences. It’s an experience shared. I love short stories. They are just the perfect entertainment when I need to spend five minutes waiting for a bus or when I need to wait for mom to get dressed before we can head to the mall. And it’s the best thing to write when I have a scene in my mind and I’m too lazy to turn it into a long winding novel. At times, short is better than long. I have more short stories to share compared to the lengthy manuscripts that take triple the time to write. Enjoy!

    Poems are not a line of words sewn together to rhyme. It’s an art of expression with freedom of words and style. As many poets do, my poetry matures over time. When I re-read what I have written at the age of 15, every piece sounds so childish and juvenile. Initially, I was always tempted to delete all of them and start over again. Yet, it’s always amazing how the transformation takes place when an amateur writer grows in style and maturity as she writes more with each passing day. Here’s my collection of poetry in motion.

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