It Wasn’t A Sequel To Begin With
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My 3rd novel wasn’t meant to be a sequel to the 2nd novel in the first place. Then something happened. Characters began to beg to be included in the story. Thus, a sequel was born.

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WIN USD $50 – Share Your Coolest April Fool’s Story

Submitted by on March 29, 2010 – 13:1023 Comments

Hey Coby! I am getting married this 31 April. The reception will be held in my church at 11am. Tradition dinner will be held at Sheraton Hotel, KL – 7pm. You’re invited to be part of my big day. Let me know if you can come ya.

I sent the above SMS to a guy friend whom I got to know through Last Chaos Multiplayer Online Game. Despite the fact that we only chatted in the game and I didn’t know who he really was in life, we somehow managed to exchange mobile number. Every time he logged in and didn’t see me online, he SMSed me and vice-versa. The game would be boring without his companionship. We became good online friends and grew very fond of each other.

What? You didn’t say you were engaged? You are eighteen right?

Of course I am 18. I won’t lie to you. So are you coming?

Sure I am coming. You are getting married. I will cross the ocean to be there if I must.

There is no ocean between Kuantan and KL. But if you wanna climb over Gunung Tahan, I wouldn’t mind. Hehehe!

This is so sudden. I think I am getting a heart attack.

Oh calm now. It’s just a wedding.

No, it’s NOT just a wedding. I can’t believe you are getting married.

Why not?

Cause you have never mention about it when we were fighting beasts and scorpions in the desert.

I don’t think knights talk when they are fighting for their lives.

But we talked and chatted throughout each battle. You could have said something.

Like what? Thank you for being my knight in armour and saving me from the beasts but my real knight is sitting next to me in front of the computer?

Well… something like that. Can we meet up before your wedding?

Are you serious? I can’t even believe that you are coming.

Who knows! You might meet another Prince Charming before your wedding.

And what? Get married twice and have 2 husbands?

I was hoping that you will marry just one.

Obviously just one hubby for me. I can’t imagine jumping into bed with two guys though that would be tempting.

You can jump into bed with just me… I think I like you.

Of course you do. We got married in the game, remember?

We need to talk before your wedding. I’ll buy a bus ticket and we’ll meet up some time this week, okay?

Don’t you have classes tomorrow?

We need to talk. I want to be more than just the knight who saves you from beasts. I like you. We could be more than just friends.

We are more than just friends. That’s why you are invited to my wedding on the 31 of April.

I care for you, gal.

So do I. Happy April Fool’s Day! Hehehe…

P/s: If you haven’t figure out the joke, there are only 30 days in the month of April.

Every 1st of April, I remember this prank I played on Coby in 2005 as if I butted the prank into his face just yesterday. I smile to myself every time I recall this joke I played on a faceless friend living across the country – a bittersweet smile. It was surprising that an innocent prank has helped me discover that a guy actually like me. And he was so serious that I got a little shocked. I’d always thought that he might like me and imagined how it would be like to have a boyfriend, but to really have my imagination coming true was beyond my prospect.

This April Fool’s Day, let me hear your coolest April Fool’s story instead. Just submit them via comments and stand a chance to win USD $50. You can write your story, or if you are good in graphic, you can draw out your story in cartoon and email it to me, or if you have done up an video, simply post the link here. Presentations of idea do not matter (I know, not everyone is good at expressing themselves), the main core story idea is the winner; something that tickles funny bone and makes people laugh till their sides hurt when they read; something that people want to try on others during the next April Fool’s Day.

With April Fool’s just 2 days away, this is the time to put on your thinking cap to make it yet another memorable day. While you are at it, remember to share your coolest ideas and stories here. Contests ends on 15th April 2010. So start sharing now to win USD $50! Good luck and have fun!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terms & Conditions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Open to all worldwide. Everyone in the world, in different countries or states, can participate in this Contest
  • Entries must be original from the participant himself/herself. Cybermate’s Dungeon will not be responsible for any copyright issues that may arise should participants provide entries that are illegitimate and not their own.
  • Winners must provide accurate email address as Winners will be notified via email. Results would also be posted on Cybermate’s Dungeon, along with the winning entry.
  • Winner must have a PayPal account. Money Prize will be transfered to Winner’s Paypal Account one week after the winner is announced.
  • Cybermate’s Dungeon has the right to publish the winning entry on its website, Facebook and Twitter account.
  • Decision made is final. No appeals of whatsoever channels will be entertained.
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  • Etam says:

    The funniest joke is you having a April Fool’s contest on April Fool’s Day. You gotta be kidding right?!

  • Manfred Lim says:

    My Submission:

    Right after 11.59pm on 31st March to 12am midnight 1st April, my friend manage to fool me without me realizing that it was April Fool’s day already. Lol. Having to have revenge on her back but couldn’t able to do so I went on to call a friend of mine to fool him. The story goes like this in a conversation on the phone with my classmate whom I want to fool on.

    Conversation was in Cantonese

    Me: Jaxus (J), are you free now? I got something to tell you. Serious matter.

    J: What is it? I’m rushing for my assignment now. Make it quick.

    Me: I did something very wrong. I slept with a promoter girl after my Canon promotional fair. We went clubbing to celebrate because we hit our sales target and I think my drink got rigged and I got myself very tipsy. The next day I know is I’m completely naked on bed with the naked promoter girl next to my arms.

    J: OMG…….are you serious here?

    Me: Yes, I am serious here. Remember that I told you that last 2 weeks I got a Canon fair in Low Yat Plaza. Right after the last day of fair, I went clubbing and got into this trouble. Just now I had a call from the promoter girl that she tested herself positive that she said she had my baby. I was flabbergasted by the news. It totally stun me.

    On top of that, right after I told her that let me think about the responsibilities and hung up the phone, my girlfriend called. She said that she wanna break up with me cause she knew what happened and what I’ve done wrong.

    I don’t know what to do now. I’m completely stun and angry of myself and very very sad of the breakup. (*voice very coarse and mellow) (voice sounded like weeping while talking)

    J: Calm down, bro. Get your mind straight first. Think of that very day that you got yourself drunk. Try to think on what to say to the promoter girl also. Take care of one issue first. Don’t think about your breakup first. Settle one first then move on to the other one.

    Nowadays, there are a lot of con jobs going on. Girls who got themselves pregnant get dumped by their irresponsibles boyfriends. These girls tend to find a scapegoat, a guy of course to take care of them. Normally guys who are very gullible like you,bro. So they do anything they can, do get these kinda guys. I’m sorry to here that anyway. (*sigh)

    Me: (* long sigh)

    J: Bro, just cool yourself down. Think back what you have done that very night. Plus is impossible for you to get erection on your “little bro” because you are too drunk that night. When you are drunk, you tend to sleep rather than having a lot physical movements like sexual intercourse. So is impossible to get her pregnant.

    Me: But she showed the result to me that is possible. (*sigh)

    J: Hmmm…just calm yourself first. Then rethink what happened that night ok?

    Me: Ok, thank you for calming me down. Between, when is your coursework submission due date?

    J: Don’t mention it. Oh, later gotta submit already.

    Me: Oh ok. What date is today ah? I lost track of it cause thinking too much on the incident and work as well…(*sigh)

    J: Today is April 1st ah. Don think too much ok. Just do your part first.

    Me: Do you know what is April Fool’s day?

    J: Huh? (*stop for awhile and think)….OMG!!!!!….u bl**dy fool…fooling me when I’m doing my coursework which is due later but luckily I’m almost done already. In my conclusion part now only. U got nothing better to do is it?…isk isk

    Me: hahahahaha…I just got fooled so I want to get back the revenge on somebody else only…lol…luckily u are almost done in your coursework…hahahaha

    J: You are so gonna treat me one nice meal for wasting my time…hehe

    Me: No problem…

    The End….
    (sorry for late submission because of my PC fair work…i hope u don mind)

  • esther says:

    too bad i missed it

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